Hospitality Needs & Sign Up

Help our Hospitality Subcommittee host our convention’s hospitality room.  The Hospitality Subcommittee is looking for home groups that are willing to be of service and host or sponsor two-hour time slots throughout the convention so that our hospitality suite stays clean and fully stocked with coffee and other snacks/refreshments.

Home groups can be of service by:

  1. Sponsoring a 2-hour time slot by making a donation to the hospitality subcommittee.  The subcommittee will purchase and serve the refreshments on behalf of the home group.  Home group members are not required to be present during that slot.
  2. Hosting a 2-hour time slot.  The home group can bring snacks and refreshments to serve during the time slot and help the hospitality subcommittee keep the suite clean and hospitable.  If hosting group decides to provide cooked food, they are responsible for removing left-over food at the end of their time slot.  The hospitality subcommittee asks that hosting group members stay and participate during the host time.

Let us know when and how your home group would like to be of service by filling out the form below.  Please select more than one time slot in case that slot is already full.

Our Home Group is interested in:

Please select Day(s) and Time(s) Your Home Group Would Like to Help