Welcome to RGRCNA XXXI  New Year’s Fundraising Speaker Event!!

Live Streamed through YouTube! https://youtu.be/bTQSS4CJVKo

  • To enter the YouTube live stream simply click on the link. If you are on a Mobile device, the link should automatically open up YouTube. There  will be a “Live Chat” available in the YouTube stream.
  • You must be logged into YouTube to be able to leave chats and comments.
  • In the chat feel free to:

Drop your Name, where you are from, and your clean date. You may interact with one another in the chat section of the live stream.

Links for donating and obtaining merchandise can be found in the ‘Description’

Please keep your comments “Clean” *wink, inappropriate comments will be deleted and the user will no longer be able to comment, and remember to have fun and enjoy!

If you are having issues with the stream, please call or text Sergio G. @ (505-410-5242)

RGRCNA Mini Speaker Jam 2020